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Living Room

Living Room (5 items)


Patio (2 items)

Bed and Base


The steel slat bed frame is the perfect solution to fit in small spaces.  The solid steel slats and steel frame construction with excellent strength and durability provides more sturdy support to mattress.

Looking chic it can be a perfect solution for your bed room.

Bed Lamp


Hand-crafted rustic industrial desk lamp is the ideal choice to place in your living and work space for convenience and comfort. This desk lamp is constructed from solid industrial steel and stylish finished.

It is powered by a 14″ LED light bulb, giving 100,000 hours of lighting bliss and consuming only 3 watts of energy.

Bedside Table


Hand-crafted industrial steel bedside table. Perfect if you want a steady night stand and a great choice to place next to your AM URBAN bed.

Includes a extra shelf for additional storage and glass holders to steer clear from those accidental breakages.

Cloud Desk


Hand-crafted industrial steel desk and wall shelf unit in the latest urban design flair. Add organization to your space with the deep desk space and open shelf. Made of solid industrial steel, lightly sanded and finished in a smooth milky black, white or colour finish of your choice.

Mounting screws are included.

Club Locker


Hand-crafted industrial inspired lock up storage for home or office use. Doubles up as a bookcase, towel rack or fixture in a retail store.

Padlocks not included

Coffee Table


Characterized by its edgy shape, clean lines and open design, this understated coffee table whacks some edge of modern minimalism on your living room layout.

This design is perfect if you’re looking for transitional and simplistic design.

Goth Mirror


Make a statement in your home with this beautiful full length floor mirror with hanging hooks! The solid industrial steel frame has a beautiful smooth finish which enhances the stylish look and ensures durability.

The mirrored glass captures a broad reflection and adds interest and depth to any room.

Hello Table


What is often surrounded by wall art and mirrors, topped with lamps, and which homes our keys and wallet? The entrance table! This nifty spider legged table is crafted from solid industrial steel and fitted as its surface with rustic aged multi-toned wood.

Jacket Hanger


The jacket hanger will look great in any entryway. It’s elegant and the hand-crafted industrial steel guy to hold your jacket and scarf. This jacket hangers is one of a kind.

Hang up and hope with this eccentric trendy piece!

Pot Planter


The perfect addition to any home. Modern in design, this industrial steel planter is a must-have for bringing the beauty of the outdoors to contemporary spaces. Its design carries a streamlined square or rectangular shape that contrasts with the bright, verdant flora of your choice.

This versatile design can also be placed outdoors to complete an existing garden arrangement or decorate a porch display. A water drainage tray is included.

Rapunzel’s Ladder


Sleek modern minimalist bedroom storage ladder. Modernize your bedroom and maximize your space with this skinny blanket and clothing hanging unit.

Stick Lamp


The simple colour and clean silhouette of the stck lamp are the epitome of the essential minimalist trend. Easy to add to any home, the clean line and imposing stature is perfect for your micro-apartment creating a space-less statement.

Vertical Garden


An addition to the pot planter is the vertical garden, equally modern in design. These industrial steel units are a must-have addition to bring the beauty of the outdoors to contemporary spaces.

The versatile design can be placed indoors, outdoors or on the patio.

Wall Cabinet


Complete your dining room furniture collection with this hand-crafted industrial steel unit, Its square mesh design brings a touch of modern minimalism to your living room layout.

It has ample simplistic and modern shelf and storage space.